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HI, I found this amazing post about how to use technology to create true fans. the concept is if you create these true fans they will follow everything that you do, thereby wanting or even needing to buy more of your work.  The post was talking about artists but it could be adapted for other professions as well.  I hope you enjoy. To read follow link to.  http://www.kk.org/thetechnium/archives/2008/03/1000_true_fans.php


If motivation is what fuels your actions then inspirational thoughts is what fuels your motivation. Consider what it takes to get motivated in the first place, an inspiration. When inspired you're stimulated or motivated to take action. When your inspiration weakens you then experience a lack of motivation. Read the rest of this entry »



The “R” word strikes worry and fear into most businesses but not ours. The “R” stands for “RECESSION”. Economists and stock market analysts are very reluctant to use that word because they know it sparks belt-tightening throughout the economy. Businesses will begin cutting expenses, drop research and development, and start working behind the scenes to plan for workforce reductions (employee layoffs).

As these business belts tighten, obviously less capital is spread throughout the economy and literally the entire business sector begins choking itself like a noose was around its neck. As the media hypes the fears of recession , the secondary tightening in the economy begins as consumers lose confidence and reduce spending in fear of the rainy day that must be coming. So the belt tightening comes full swing and bites the business sector in the rear causing further belt tightening. So again the downward cycle begins.

For the Granicrete family of distributors, the “R” word does not stand for “recession” but “REVIVIFY”. Revivify means to impart new life, energy, or spirit to something or somebody. Never forget that you are constantly able to offer individuals the opportunity to make a lucrative change to improve their lives.


At times we all experience challenging situations that can leave us mentally drained and short on optimism. Financial struggles with more bills than money, a diagnosis of serious illness, the loss of a loved one are all difficulties that can wreak havoc on our spirits. That is why hope is one of those absolute necessities of life. For without hope the trials and troubles of life would devour us. Hope can make the current difficulties bearable. If we believe tomorrow will be better we can bear the hardships of today. Hope helps us look past current circumstances to envision and capture the sight of a brighter future. Read the rest of this entry »


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