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Complete Listing of Upcoming Classes

Flooring Training (See calender on main page )

Class Overview

  • Preparation Objectives: Learn how to prep a surface to receive the Granicrete Flooring products and checking for soundness & cleaning
  • Crack Repair Objectives: Learn the techniques & procedures necessary to repair concrete cracks. The cracked stone look & fixing them with the Roadware’s 10 minute concrete mender
  • Priming Objectives: Determining when priming is necessary and mixing super concentrated polymer
  • Basecoat Objectives: When to basecoat, the mixing of Granicrete Base Blend and the honoring of expansion joints
  • Taping Objectives: Learn about Groutline Tough tape and achieving patterns
  • Texture Coat Objectives: Learn about the Authentic Finish Blend texture and the applying of many different textures
  • Coloring Objectives: Learn about the different types of Granicrete colors and how to use them in specific applications
  • Sealing Objectives: Discover the Granicrete family of sealers

Counter Training ( see calender on home page )

Class Overview

  • Fabrication Objectives: Learn how to prep and fabricate new surfaces including backsplashes, biscuit joiners, draw bolts, etc.
  • Preparation Objectives: Preparing appliances, using sink seal, and taping with kraft tape and plastic
  • Brush Coats Objectives: Mixing countertop blends, with detailed analysis of the two brush coats.
  • Edges Objectives: The 4:1 mix, chiseled edges, and flat edges
  • Trowel Coats Objectives: Preparing the surface with rubbing stones, with detailed analysis of the two trowel coats
  • Coloring Objectives: Analysis of water proofing, color lock, coloring products, and coloring techniques
  • Epoxy Objectives: Deep analysis on the mixing and application of epoxy while eliminating bubbles, and foreign objects
  • Diamond Coat Objectives: The creation of a matte finish through the use of the fine finish foam roller
  • Finishing the Installation Objectives: Installing backsplashes with liquid nail & silicone caulk as well as installing faucets & sinks
  • Customer Care Objectives: Cleaning your final product while preventing heat and other damaging events
  • Overview of the Advantages to Using Granicrete Objectives:

For More Information on these training sessions or to learn about training for Advanced Counter top(Aurastone) or our Shower FX class Contact Us Below

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